FitPro Rubber Surface

FitPro Rubber Surface

Product Details

Designed with durability and attractive appearance in mind, this aesthetically pleasing flooring comes in a variety of speckled options making it the perfect fit for any project.

You will enjoy the comfort, durability, and ease of installation of our FitPro Rubber Flooring.

The flexible surface helps prevent fatigue and pain in your feet, legs, and back. Our rubber flooring instantly gives any commercial or residential space a finished look that is durable and will last for years!

Choose from a variety of speckled options to find the perfect fit for any project or space. Installation is easy and past customers have installed 800 sq ft with ease, with two people, in as little as 6 hours.

Commercial Flooring:

  • Ice Rinks

  • Daycare and Childcare Facilities

  • Fitness Facilities  

  • Commercial Gyms

  • Weight Rooms

  • Yoga Studios

  • Martial Arts Gyms

  • Gymnastics

  • Sport Courts

Residential Flooring:

  • Garage and Workshop

  • Home Gym

  • Utility Room

  • Home Daycares and Kids’ Playrooms

FitPro Rubber Flooring Benefits:

  • Commercial-grade rubber flooring is easy to clean

  • Perfect for DIY flooring projects and commercial use

  • Fights fatigue, foot, and back pain

  • Soft yet durable surface ideal for prolonged standing

  • Excellent grip and traction, even when wet

  • Less expensive than epoxy, tiles, hardwood, and laminate flooring

  • Retains some room heat in the flooring compared to concrete

  • Can easily install 800 sq ft in 6 hours with just two people

  • FitPro - White Fleck
    25’ x 4’ x 5/6” (8mm)
    185 lbs
    Part # 4232000

  • FitPro - Sky Blue Fleck
    25’ x 4’ x 5/6” (8mm)
    185 lbs
    Part # 4232001

  • FitPro - Red Fleck
    25’ x 4’ x 5/6” (8mm)
    185 lbs
    Part # 4232002

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