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SafePlay Rubber Crumb

SafePlay is perfect for kid's play area's, whether it's in the backyard or the local neighbourhood park. It is shock absorbent for small falls and will not dirty kid's skin. 

Colour Availability:

Black, Brown, Ocean Blue 

  • 50 lb bag covers about 17 sq ft @ 1” deep  

  • 2,000 lb tote covers about 750 sq ft @ 1” deep


Safeplay Rubber Crumb Features:

  • Ideal for your backyard play area or neighborhood park

  • Maintenance free, won’t rot

  • Inhibits weed growth

  • Deters insects, rodents and cats

  • Shock-absorbent for small falls

  • Won’t compact like sand, wood
    or gravel. 

  • Does not float, absorb water or
    blow away.

  • Won’t dirty kids’ clothing, skin,
    and hair

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Rubber Mulch Calculator

Simply use the input to determine how much mulch you need for your landscaping! If you require further assistance please contact us. 

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SafePlay Rubber Crumb Brochure

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